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Valdelírio Soares

Under the Tuscan Sky

Valdelírio Soares June, 2020

Among many activities that make me feel happy in Tuscany, riding a convertible is certainly the most memorable of them all. Perhaps for being part of my dream of living in Tuscany that has come true.

Dirigindo em conversível BMW com capota aberta pela Toscana

Driving from Florence towards the Chianti (Siena) and Val d’Orcia (Montalcino) zones with my car roof folded always excites me. Sometimes I feel a bit anxious while driving in slow traffic escaping the urban zone. Anxiety which becomes pure joy when I take one of those narrow and winding roads that meander through green valleys and hills, filled by cypress trees, vineyards, olive groves, sunflower fields or by simple rolls of hay, composing a landscape that makes me feel immersed in an impressionist painting.

At the top of the hills, those tiny and charming medieval cities with their stone houses and towers remind me of a time that I only knew in books and films. Among them, the sight of a simple and cozy restaurant awakens my appetite. When it’s time for a meal, I let myself be guided by the fumes that come from the kitchen. Further on, a sign indicating an unknown winery invites me to an unexpected visit that sometimes ends in delicious discoveries and a few bottles in the trunk to take home.

The morning fresh wind caresses my face and stirs my hair. The warmth of the gentle sun energizes me thoroughly. The chirping of a bird speaks to me of childhood and the smell of the fields that differs with the coming and going of the seasons carries me on olfactory trips to my memories

The car engine roar that accelerates my boyish heart, momentarily muffles the music that makes up the soundtrack of this film where I am, at the same time, director, actor and audience. Now and again, the track is Melodramma, by Andrea Bocelli, that has nurtured this dream of mine, long before it became true.

At the end of sunny afternoons, bathed in golden light that I have no words to describe, the beautiful landscape is transformed into a magical spectacle where forms, colors, lights and shadows dance. I watch all its amazing movements in until the sun tells me: Arrivedirci, amico!

All of this becomes even more memorable when my beloved Lucia joins the vibe and accompanies me on this journey, always taking over the music selection of the day.

Dreaming of you, Tuscany.

A born traveler, wine lover and passionate about Tuscany, where he lives part of the year, Valdelirio Soares is the founder of Cieli di Toscana and travels frequently around Italy discovering places and experiences he recommends to its guests.


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